Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas with the Johns

After spending some time in Enid, we took the turnpike over to Tulsa for some time with Michael's family. 
We got there on Sunday night, and much to our enjoyment the first stop was Mazzio's!
It was there that I was mistaken for Ashley and Emily's Mom...haha.
but they are so sweet that I really didn't mind.
We spent as much time as we could with those girls while we were in town.
I mean, we love the rest of the family, but we LOVE those girls! 
After Mazzio's we went to Rhema to look at lights, and then went home to watch movies.
On Christmas we had dinner with Cheryl's side of the family, and it was so great to see Michael's cousins, especially the newly engaged Lauren! 
Christmas is also Michael's sister's birthday, so her and I celebrated by going to see Breaking Dawn.
It was even better the second time.
Rhema Lights
Beautiful little girls!
Happy about their Princes presents
So excited about my cupcake stands!!
Johns family on Christmas Day
It was a great couple of days, and we are so happy to be able to spend the holiday with both families! 
We are definitely blessed!
Hope your Christmas was just as happy as ours!

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