Thursday, December 20, 2012

Family Christmas

Last year I told you about our tradition of Family Christmas
Usually we make a nice dinner, open our gifts to each other, take a family picture, and watch Christmas movies or make a gingerbread house.
Last year, we opened the gifts, but ate dinner out.
This year, we didn't even eat dinner.
We used our only free night of December to have our Date Night,
and since I wasn't finished stuffing stockings, we couldn't open gifts then.
So, we did it after church last night!
Buster even gave us gifts this year.
 He is such a great gifter!
And he is good at keeping secrets, because he surprised us both!
As per usual, Michael and I already knew what we were getting from each other,
and we both loved it!
Also as per usual, Buster was very excited about his gifts.
 I filled his stocking on Tuesday, and it about killed him to wait for it.
I really thought he would take out my mantel decorations, but they survived.
He was very excited about his bones, tennis balls, and stuffed squirrel that he got.
We ended the night with the traditional family photo in front of tree.
I love my little family, 
and am glad that we were still able to find time to have our own special Christmas!

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