Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Family Christmas

Another tradition that Michael and I have together is having our own family Christmas.
 We usually cook a nice meal, watch Christmas movies, open our gifts from each other, and take pictures by the tree.
This year, we only took pictures!
I don't know what happened.
Christmas just seemed to sneak up on us and we weren't quite prepared.
We didn't even eat dinner here.
I was okay with it. It meant I didn't have to cook.
The fact that none of our gifts were a surprise (or even wrapped) didn't help either.
We still took pictures with our gifts...for traditions sake.

 Probably the most excited about the whole thing was Buster!
He couldn't wait to play with his new tennis ball!


  1. Did you get the new iPhones? Or just phone covers? Haha

    The picture of you holding that up and Buster jumping is adorable!

  2. Also.. Your hair looks lovely!

  3. Michael got the new iPhone. He used my upgrade that I had been saving since June for the 5, because I didn't want the 4s. I'm a brat.
    I got his iPhone 4.
    And we got covers, so I guess - both!

    Also...are you being sarcastic?

  4. I guess I thought the iPhone 4 was the new one..?

    And no, I really like how it looks!


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