Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Current (P)interests

Since I'm on break from school, pretty much all I do is Pinterest.
Who am I kidding...
that's pretty much all I did while I was in school.
(So far all As though, Mom!)
Anyway, just thought you all might like to know what I've been pinning lately.
If you don't want to know/don't care...you can stop reading now!
via theribbonretreat.com
I've really been wanting to make this wreath to hang up all of our Christmas cards.
Or maybe this one, because its just so cute!
via wipkits.blogspot.com
I think I have shared my love for flower earrings...
but how festive and adorable are these?!
via Nordstrom.com
I found these tights a few weeks ago, and I still would love a pair.
via sammydress.com
Don't they look cozy...
I had planned on getting out of the Christmas-themed pattern with this post and I seem to have failed so far.
What can I say?
I love Christmas!
I also love buns!
They make me feel so delicate, agile, and coordinated.
AKA - A ballerina
via threepinkdots.com
I really need to try this one out!
And lastly, 
I love this movie so much.
Like "cry at least 5 times during it" so much.
And tonight, Michael is taking me to see the live show!!
Yay for early Christmas presents!!
Too bad Bing Crosby won't really be there...


  1. I love all of our pins. And girl, White Christmas, so amazing! I bet the live show is incredible. Have fun!

  2. Jon like White Christmas a lot too.. I don't think I've ever seen it..


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