Thursday, December 15, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Its time for another link party!
This time it is hosted by one of my favorite blogs, Thrifty Decor Chic.
If you haven't seen her blog, you are missing out BIG!
You should go to her blog, link up your Christmas Tree post, and then spend hours perusing her sight.
It really is that good. 
You won't want to stop reading.
On with the Christmas trees though!
As I think I've mentioned before, my in-laws gave us our tree when we got married.
HUGE blessing!
And I absolutely love it.
Its small, simple, and lovely.
And best of all - its prelit!
Did I mention that it was a huge blessing?
Most of the ornaments are red and gold. 
(Since the tree is green, that only leaves 2 colors to use!)
However, our tree is full of a random assortment of ornaments and decorations.
There are several angels:
because that was my ornament theme every year growing up.
There are characters:
Because they are Michael's absolute favorite ones at Hallmark
(and we dressed up as these 2 last year)
There are our yearly ornaments:
And here is one that was given to us this year:
We haven't been able to find one for 2011 yet.
I'll keep you posted.
Our tree isn't just packed full of ornaments, but I like it that way.
And to be honest, I wouldn't have a place to store them all if I had many more!
Here is a full view of the tree.
And one with the lights off.
And this one because I liked it:
I almost forgot about our 2nd little Christmas tree!
 This one was given to me by my Grandma Preece a few years ago, ornaments and all.
I haven't seen her in about 9 years, so it is very special to me.
Usually it serves as a centerpiece for the dining room table,
but this year I wanted to show it off a little more.
(Points for whoever finds the ornament one of the youth kids added - a banana laffy taffy)
Well, those are our Christmas trees for this year.
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go stare at them some more with this little guy!

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