Monday, December 19, 2011

"Is your house on fire, Clark?"

"No Aunt Bethany. Those are the Christmas lights."
Michael and I love Christmas lights!
We usually go to one of those walk/drive-thru parks this time of year.
The closest one (that we know of) is about an hour away though, so we haven't gone.
We do like to drive around and look at lights though.
This year, we decided to give out awards (thanks Deisters!)

Here are some of the best...and worst.
This is one of the best.
Its called Christmas in Cypress (yes, they have their own website)
and they do 3 shows a night.
The lights are set to music, and video.
It's pretty incredible.
Here is a better photo, from outside the car.
This one is my personal favorite...
I love the doorway with the candy canes!
Next up...the worst/ugliest.
I hate blue.
But also, what even are those blow fish looking things??
Good effort though.
Speaking of effort, this one gets the aware for least effort.
A tree, a birthday cake, and a blow-up nativity scene.
This is my favorite in our neighborhood.
The tree is on a huge brick wall on the side of the house!
So creative!
As for our house...well, let's just say we are new at this.
Last year we were the only ones who put on lights on our street.
We figured we would just do the same thing, and it would still be ahead of the curve.
Here is our house.
Pretty decent!
Here are two of the other houses on our street.
There's just no competing with that!
We'll get a little more creative next year...

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