Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Party Treats

I love to bake.
Especially if the baking is centered around a theme. 
This weekend was our church's holiday party, so I decided to make it a little festive.
I found these adorable little treats on Pinterest and had to give it a try.
They are SO EASY!
All you need is:
- 1 box of brownie mix
- Approximately 2 dozen strawberries
- 2 cups white chocolate chips

Make sure you grease your muffin pan well. 
The brownies are cute if they are only half brownies.
Make the brownies as directed on the box.
Let them cool.
While cooling, wash and cut strawberries.
Place one strawberry on each brownie muffin.
Melt the chocolate chips.
Once melted, move the chocolate to a piping bag.
Make a ring of chocolate around the bottom of the strawberry, and a ball of chocolate at the top.
Then you get this!
Not only are they super easy to make.
They are also totally delicious!
(I actually didn't get to try one, but they went really fast at the party so they must have been good, right?)

The other Christmas treat I made is also extremely easy.
My family has been making them as long as I can remember, and they are Michael's favorite!
All you need is:
- Ritz crackers
- Peanut butter
- Almond bark 
- Sprinkles
- Foil or wax paper

Make a peanut butter sandwich with the Ritz crackers
Dip in almond bark
Place them on foil or wax paper
Decorate to your desire
Use sprinkles, or drizzle chocolate, or just whatever!
 Give them about 30 minutes to dry.
Eat and Enjoy!!

What are your favorite Christmas treats??

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