Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2011 Ornament

I mentioned in the post about our Christmas tree that Michael and I have a tradition of getting a new tree ornament each year.
We try to make it relative to the things that have happened over that year.
For instance, 
We moved to Houston in 2009
We adopted Buster in 2010
(His favorite toys are his squeaky tennis ball, and his red rope)
We also dressed as Woody and Jessie for a youth group movie in 2010
In years past, the ornaments have been pretty easy to find.
We just walk into Hallmark, and there's the perfect one for us.
This year, not so much.
I must have gone to at least 5 different Hallmarks.
I've looked at ornaments in several other stores.
Nothing seemed to fit 2011 for us.
I looked for something related to skiing, since we went over Spring Break.
Couldn't find anything!
(Probably should have thought of that while we were in Keystone...)
And I couldn't bring myself to buy just a plain, old, "Christmas 2011" ornament.
It had to be meaningful.

While we were our looking for our book, we finally found it.
 It is meaningful.
It describes our year.
It is perfect.
The biggest part of this year for us has been Michael starting his new job, and us joining the JV family.
We can't believe it has already been 8 months!
It was a big transition in our lives, but we have been blessed beyond what we could ever have imagined. 
Though our church building doesn't look exactly anything like this, 
we both still loved it and thought it summed up our year nicely.


  1. I love it! I also think it's awesome that you guys do an ornament every year.. like Mom and Dad! One day, when we have a tree that goes higher than my waist, we'll do that!

  2. Yes, you have to!! I already love getting them out each year and remembering why we got it! Its a great tradition!


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