Monday, December 31, 2012

Best Moments of 2012

As this year comes to an end, I wanted to take some time to look back on 2012.
The year seemed to go really fast, but we managed to fit several major events into it.
2012 brought us: 
happiness and fulfillment in our work with the teens 
illness (I managed to spend 2 whole months with bronchitis this year) 
sadness and pain as we worked through life's struggles with family members
celebration when Bailey and Jon got engaged
frustration as we adjusted to our new schedules once I started working
sweet memories with both old and new friends
joy and love when we were able to visit family, and even more when they came to visit us
and so many blessings from friends, family, and even strangers that we could not begin to count.

Harry Potter World with KK in January
Spending the weekend with the Aggies from AFC
And getting to meet this beautiful soul - Joe
Meeting our new niece Kayley in March and spending time with her sisters
Buying a new car with insurance money. Taking it back 2 days later. Using my "Velvet Hammer" skills to get us Gramps
Beach day with Bailey and Jon...slash just their whole visit in March

Hosting my first Mother-Daughter Tea for the Juniors and Seniors in May
Celebrating my Grandpa's 80th with all the Baird cousins in June
Signing the papers to buy our first home in June
Replacing the living room floors in our new home
Our first mission trip to Foster's Children's Home in July (which is now a yearly trip)
Celebrating 4 years with this guy at the Lion King in August
Texas State Fair with two of our favorites in October
Thanksgiving with the Bairds in November
Perhaps my favorite moment of 2012 - Youth Retreat in December
Hosting a personal shower for Sister with these girls in December
Free trip to Las Vegas in December
Christmas with the Johns in December
2012 was a great year, with many ups and downs.
Already I know that 2013 will bring my MFT Exam (hopefully I will pass the first time) graduation, Sister's wedding, several cousin's weddings, and hopefully a real, grown up, full-time job for me.
I'm already excited and anxious just thinking about it!
Happy New Years to you all, and may God bless you richly in 2013!


  1. Wow! What a busy year! Glad we were able to see you several times! 2013 is going to be even more fun!


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