Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Break

No, Michael and I aren't in school anymore, but it still makes sense to call this past weekend our Thanksgiving break because we were both off work most of the week. 
We left 40 degree Houston Tuesday morning, and for the first time ever the car thermometer went up as we drove. I couldn't believe it.
We got to Tulsa in time for dinner Tuesday, and were so excited to see our girls.
One of the first things Emmy said was "Oh, I like your nails!" so after dinner we had a painting party.
 ^^Immediately after this picture, Emily scratched hers off.
The best part of the day was tucking the girls in to bed.
Uncle Mike and Emily both said our bedtime prayers and they were off to dreamland.
^^All the girls piled into Emily's bed
^^Sweet baby Kayley
On Wednesday we all took a trip over to the Jenks Aquarium.
This is by far the best aquarium that I have ever been to.
Okay, I've only gone to one other in Seattle, but that one was really terrible.
We had so much fun running around with the girls and looking at all the fish.
^^Ashley said later that she was feeling grumpy in this picture
^^Emily begged me to take her picture with this nutcracker.
And then she asked me to mail her a copy.
It goes out tomorrow.
Girl has me wrapped around her little finger.
Wednesday night Matt finally got to town and we all went out to celebrate his 30th birthday.
We were so excited to give him his mug from the first Starbucks.
And he was even more excited to receive it!
Of course, Ashley and Emily were just excited to play with Buster.
 Our last day in Tulsa was spent with my father-in-laws side of the family.
We don't get to see them much, so it was really fun to spend the day with them.
Not to mention that Michael's Grandma is a phenomenal cook!
 ^^With the girls on Thanksgiving
^^Johns family photo, 2013
Michael and I left Tulsa on Friday, and met my best friend Kelsey and her boyfriend for lunch.
I didn't get any pictures :( but it was such a great lunch.
Plus, we got to spend a little bit of time with my grandparents, 
and break of the long drive a little bit.
Of course, I can't go through Thanksgiving without thanking God for my own little family.
I am so thankful for my guys, and the love that they give me.
I am richly blessed.

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