Friday, December 13, 2013

Old Time Christmas Tree Farm

I am so excited to finally be able to share our Family pictures from this year!
I have been planning these for at least a month now, and was getting tired of holding in the secret.
Michael and I haven't had professional pictures taken since our engagements (almost 6 years ago) and we were long over due for some nice pictures.
Plus, we needed some with our baby Buster!
I already knew exactly what I wanted for our pictures, I just had to put it all together.
First, I had to find the perfect photographer.
Lucky for me, my best friend has a roommate with some incredible talent, 
and she agreed to do them for us.
Next, I had to find the location to fit my idea.
I typed in "Christmas Tree Farm" and what do you know, the perfect place was only about 20 minutes away from our house.
The last thing I needed were some cute poses, which is where Pinterest came in (always)
Obviously I had to make a secret board, thank you Pinterest for that feature!
And then we were ready.
We just needed the tree farm to open up after Thanksgiving.
In true Houston-weather fashion, it was over 80 degrees the day we took the pictures, 
but I will take warm and sunny over cold and rainy any day.
 So here they are, our 2013 family pictures.
^^ We had to give Buster his spotlight moment.
He was loving every minute of playing fetch in all the trees.

We are beyond thrilled with how the pictures turned out!
I love my little family so much, and these pictures capture us perfectly!
Thank you Ashlyn for your beautiful work!

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