Thursday, December 19, 2013

Double Dates, Double Trouble

Last weekend Michael and I got to go on a double date with two of our favorites.
To make it even better, it was a Christmas date!
We started with some delicious Italian food followed by amazing lattes.
Well, Michael and I had some lattes.
We are currently obsessed.
After dinner we drove around River Oaks, on of Houston's wealthiest areas, 
to look at Christmas lights.
We had so much fun driving around with Trey and Claire, adding our own commentary to the lights.
Here are some of our favorites from the night:
^^ Prettiest street
This was the street leading to the country club.
The trees were beautiful!
^^ Claire and I had to have a picture together.
^^ Yes. Chevy Chase.
If only it were Clark Griswold St.
On this street we found the house with the worst decorations:
 That's right. Its a 10 foot angel.
This was on one side of the house, a string of lights hanging from a tree was on the other side.
Nothing was on the house.
Weird and weirder.
We also found the house with the best decorations on ole Christmas Vacation Ln.
^^ My favorite!
With trees like this, the house doesn't even need lights.
The rest of the car chose another house for the best lights award,
but Michael was busy yelling at the owner while his dog used the restroom,
so I got too distracted to take a picture.
We ended the night with a classic - House of Pies.
Unfortunately, are favorite location burned down.
And, they were out of every kind of pie that Claire wanted.
But, we still had a great time.
^^ Love these two so much!

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