Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Time in Tulsa

On this trip we went from Houston to OKC to Enid, back to OKC, then to Tulsa, and 
finally home to Houston.
Like I said in my last post, the holidays can be stressful.
Let's just say, we were more than a little happy to get back home.
The great thing is that our short time in Tulsa was spent with these beautiful girls.
I mean come on, you can't find more gorgeous sisters!
We love them!
Christmas Day was mostly spent with my family in OKC, 
but we got to Tulsa in time for dinner and gifts.
My Grandparents were there early in the evening, and his Grandma Johns gave me the best gift.
This is a quilt that her mother made, and she passed on to me.
I was so touched that she thought to give it to me.
It really meant so much.
The rest of the night was pretty focused on our nieces and the gifts we got them.
^^ Uncle Mike helping the girls open their gifts
^^ Emily told me that night that she loved her new puppy.
You can see the necklaces we got Emily and Ashley in this photo.
It had their first initial.
Last but not least, I drew my mother-in-law and mad her this wreath.
I made one for myself a couple years ago, and she loved it and wanted one for her door.
You can find the tutorial for the wreath here.
Though our time in Tulsa was short, it was great to see Michael's parents, and those sweet nieces of ours.
I will never forget the way Emily and Ashley's faces lit up when they saw us.
They are so precious, and we love the 3 of them so much.

We ended the trip with breakfast with some great friends.
They are preparing to move to Brazil next month to do mission work, and we are so excited!
I'm going to hate having them so far away, but I know God has big plans for them!
Brazil is one lucky country!

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