Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Cards

Ever since our 2nd year of marriage Christmas Cards have been a tradition for us.
I don't know what happened that first year of marriage, I guess we were still getting in the groove of married life. 
We have some great cards, some decent cards, and some not so good cards.
Here are a few of the ones from the past years.
^^ Christmas 2009
Short hair...yikes!
^^ Christmas 2011
Definitely not our best, but also not our worst.
^^ Christmas 2012
Probably my favorite. 
Buster is the cutest Santa you'll ever find!

This year, of course, is no different, and we even got the cards out early this year!
*Its not this dark in real life. 
The picture just didn't come out that good.
I went a little Pinterest crazy this year with the Christmas cards.
Like I said yesterday, I got all my ideas for poses and the tree farm on Pinterst.
I also got the idea for our Year In Review from Pinterest.
We weren't able to send it to everyone on our list (that thing uses tons of ink) so here it is in case you're interested.
I hope that we are able to continue this tradition for many years.
It is so fun to look back and see all the different cards we have made, and that people have sent us over the years.

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