Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Traditions

Where did December go?
It seems to have flown by, and Christmas is tomorrow!
Michael and I have been so busy this month with work, church events, and Christmas activities,
but we did make time to do our annual Christmas date.
Thanks to a wonderful, generous family we were able to eat dinner at Pappasitos again.
It was busy, but we got a table and enjoyed some fajitas.
We even had more than enough to take home for leftovers.
As per tradition, we went from dinner over to Barnes and Noble.
We each made our selections of books to read, and found a little corner to read...
the kids corner to be exact.
In the end, I think that we were both surprised by the decision:
*I don't know what is wrong with me this year!
I have just been loving all the snowmen.
Between the snowmen displays at Hobby Lobby, the movie Frozen, and this book,
I have just been loving them.
And it goes against all of my holiday beliefs instill in me by my mother!
In my defense, it is an adorable book.
And, it talks about Christmas so it still counts.
We ended the night by driving around to look at Christmas lights.
Here are some of my favorites.
I am so glad that this is one of our 'family' traditions.
It is the thing that I look forward to the entire month.

Hope you are enjoying traditions with family right now.
Some of the ones my family will be doing today include, eating breakfast at Wee Too, shopping at Park Avenue Thrift, and watching Muppet Family Christmas.
Its going to be a wonderful, perfect day.

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