Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas with the Bairds

If I were to choose one picture to represent our time in Enid it would be this.
Those dogs did not get along.
Mostly due to our little fur ball, who thought he was king of the house.
It was sweet the way Oliver kept reassuring me that "Buster is not a bully" though.
Other than the dogs, we really did have a great time in Enid.
My Mom always goes above and beyond with Christmas, and makes the house feel so magical.
^^ Even Buster got in the Christmas spirit.
We played games, ate way too many no-bakes (okay, maybe just me)
watched movies, ate at Wee Too, didn't get to go to the thrift store because it was closed - sad day, and just spent lots of time with each other.
Here are some highlights from the days we were there:
^^ Michael was pretty excited about his gift!
^^ Buster was equally excited about his gift from cousin Maddy
^^ But I think Grandpa was by far the most excited.
I mean, who doesn't want a yard of cookies!
^^ Sweet picture of the Dad's holding their boys.
*Mom, don't show this caption to Ben ;)
I love my family SO much!
Holidays can be stressful, especially with 2 crazy dogs,
but I am very thankful for the time that I had with them over the holiday.
Mom - Thanks for spending every waking minute in the kitchen making delicious meals for us!
Dad - Thanks for picking out the perfect gifts for me 2 years in a row!
Ben - Thanks for getting our precious boy Oliver to Enid to spend Christmas with us!
Oliver - Thanks for being so kind to me, and for taking family photos before opening gifts!
Bailey - Thanks for opening your home to us on Christmas day! 
Jon - Thanks for taking care of Maddy, and pulling yourself away from the family to keep her and Buster separated. I hated it, and look forward to actually talking to you next time ;)
We love you guys!!

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