Thursday, December 5, 2013

Santa's (Texas) Wonderland

The cold is here back in Houston!!
While all my family deals with snow, sleet, and ice,
we are here struggling through the 40 degree temps and a bit of light rain.
Really though, it feels super cold.
Just like it did the night that Michael and I decided to go to Santa's Wonderland.
It seemed like a good idea at the time...
1) We were already in College Station
2) We had a Groupon
3) It was before Thanksgiving so the place was not busy at all
But after my tank top, sweater, fleece jacket, scarf, and pea coat weren't cutting it in the warmth department,  I knew it wasn't our best decision.
It did help that we found gloves in the dollar bin, and that I was able to pin my hair over my ears with bobby pins (which worked for 3 minutes).
All things considered though, I'm glad we went.
No, I do not plan to go back anytime in the near future, but it was pretty decent.

Apparently the cold froze my brain and I didn't realize until a couple weeks after going that it is a Texas-themed Winter Wonderland.
I honestly think I've just grown accustomed to the over-emphasis of the state at every turn.
But alas, it was on purpose.
Our Groupon gave us entry to the park, and a free hayride through the lights.
We went ahead and started with some good ole hot cocoa and huddling by the fire though.
I was not expecting much from the hayride through the lights. 
It seemed small and out of date, but it turned out to be quite impressive.
They had a swamp land, the alamo, and Jesus' Resurrection...what more could you ask for?
^^ I'm a sucker for a good light bridge
^^ Michael's favorite, of course!
^^ Up from the grave He arose!
This scene really was pretty though. And he really did come out of the tomb.
Or as one of my sweet child clients put it:
"There was a man hiding in a rock room, and then he flew up to the sky!"
His Mom was thoroughly embarrassed.
Out of the mouths of babes...

We ended the night with a picture with Santa.
 Okay, this isn't the real Santa, its just his statue in the gift shop.
The real Santa was charging way too much to take a picture with him, and lets be real, we came here with a Groupon so we aren't paying for any pictures.

Like I said, it was pretty decent.
On a normal Houston night with better weather, it would be lots of fun.
However, I still wouldn't pay full price - go for the Groupon!
Hope you're safe and warm this weekend!

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