Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Its My Party

Birthdays are a big deal to me.
I'm still not sure why I love them so much, or why it is so important...
probably because I just like to be a diva,
but Michael is always such a great sport and goes way beyond my expectations.
 This year my birthday fell on a Wednesday.
A Wednesday that I had clients almost every hour from 9 to 6.
And a Wednesday (like every other) of teaching the middle school girls.
Michael made sure to make me feel extra special all day though.
First, I had donuts for breakfast.
Then, I got flowers at work.
(okay, I might have hinted at these things)
That's on top of the sweaters and earrings that Michael got me.
 I'm spoiled...I know.
Another sweet surprise was from the most adorable 6th grader and her grandma.
 ^^Is that not the biggest balloon you have ever seen? 
I loved it!
Last, Michael surprised me even more with a cupcake party at church.
This was totally unexpected, and unnecessary, but I appreciate his efforts so much!
My mind was completely blank when I blew out the candles and tried to make a wish,
and I realize now that at this moment in my life, all my wishes have come true.
I am blessed beyond belief, and can't thank God enough for my husband and my life.

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