Monday, November 25, 2013

Parent Weekend

I have so many future posts to write, I don't even know where to start.
But, since my Mom has already complained hinted to me that she was waiting on this post,
I decided that I would start here. 
Several months ago Southwest had a sale on flights, and my parents and I picked the weekend before my birthday.
The good thing about flying is that they get to be here longer,
the bad thing is that it really puts some limits on our shopping abilities.
We hit up the all usuals: Clarks Outlet, Dress Barn, and Kohls.
Being so close to the holidays though, we added in a couple Christmas markets and Pier 1.
^^The Christmas treasures my Mom took home with her.
We went out to Katy to a big Christmas market there and it was fantastic.
They had hundreds of booths, and almost all of them were very reasonably priced.
I got a couple of great things too, but you'll have to wait to see those.
After all the shopping, my parents treated us to Taste of Texas to celebrate my birthday.
^^So happy to be able to celebrate my birthday with them
^^The most delicious dessert, Snickers Pie
^^I had no idea that ToT has lattes, and now I will be going a lot more often (at least for dessert)
^^Even Sister got in on the celebrations with the most perfect gift
*It is enjoying its new home at the front of our tree.
There are so many wonderful things about Taste of Texas - the salad bar, the jalapeno jelly and bagel chips, the cheese bricks, the melt in your mouth steaks, just to name a few - but our favorite thing might be all the beautiful Christmas decorations. 
^^Beyond blessed by these people

We had so much fun spending the weekend with them!
Mom made Chicken Fried Rice with 18 different vegetables.
We went to a double feature at the drive-in (Last Vegas was their idea)
Mom sewed on at least 5 buttons to different shirts of ours.
We spent a couple hours at B-Dubs eating everything on the appetizer menu.
And we all crammed into our back room on our futon to watch the Broncos win over the Chiefs.
It was a wonderful, perfect birthday celebration and I am so thankful that they made the trip!
Love you Mom and Dad!!

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