Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Make Your Pins Matter

My motto when it comes to Pinterest is "don't pin it if you're not going to use it".
Lately I have been on a Pinterest kick, 
and I have been using several of the things that I have pinned.
Here is a quick run-down, as well as my rating of the pin itself.

1. Crock Pot Cooking.
I love a home-cooked dinner, but I am rarely home from work before 7:30pm.
Which usually means we're having frozen pizza.
I've been trying to step up my game recently and the best option is the crock-pot because it can cook all afternoon while I'm at work. 
This week I tried two meals.
- Chicken Chili
via jocooks
This was basically the chili recipe that I already use, but with chicken instead of beef.
It was so simple to make, with basic ingredients.
I give it a 7 out of 10.
Michael gives it an 8.
- Chicken n Dumplins
The only problem is that you have to add biscuits with an hour left, and again at 30 minutes left.
On a normal night, that wouldn't be possible, 
but since we were home tonight it worked out.
This recipe could not be any more simple though.
You can even put the chicken in frozen.
Score for being absentminded.
My rating for this is a 6. 
It has the potential to be really good though. 
I just plan to add more chicken and soup next time, and less biscuits.
Michael gives it a 5.
He agrees about the biscuits.

2. Use what you've got
This outfit is from one of my favorite fashion bloggers.
And the best part, I already had all the pieces.
I don't have a picture, but I received several compliments that day!

3. Still Judging
^^ This is for you Jacinda!
I have been judging this recipe for quite some time.
There is no link to a blog, the recipe is in the caption of the photo,
which I think made me judge it more.
It was very simple to make, and I already had all of the ingredients - double bonus.
My rating is a 5.
Michael gives it a 6.5.
I will say that it wasn't terrible...but I probably won't make it again.
Michael did really like the green beans though.
4. Closet Re-do
This girl is amazing!
I stumbled across this post looking for ways to control dust in a closet.
(Does anyone else have this problem??)
She has some GREAT tips, and I got to work right away.
I didn't use all of her tips (its expensive to buy all new hangers) but it gave me a great jump start to feeling clean and organized.
It gets a 10.

5. Making the Cut
Olivia Palermo >>>
I had a hair appointment today and came across this pin last night.
I love Olivia, and her hair, at all times.
I told my hairdresser that I wanted this style, but wanted to keep my length...
I know that to most eyes, my hair still looks long.
My eyes gave me a small panic attack as she was blow-drying my hair.
I've gotten used to it though, and I am loving it!
The best part - Michael gives it a 10!!
And that's really all that matters.

You are welcome for this mostly pointless rating of my recent pins.
If you take nothing from this post, I beg you to please Make Your Pins Matter.


  1. I have two great slow cooker recipes for you! I love the "open can, dump in" kind to keep it simple! Both of these can be eaten "as is" or are great in burritos, on chips, etc. Also both freeze beautifully (we freeze half so we don't have to eat it all in one week!)

    White chicken chili


    and Green Chili pork


    1. Thank you so much Kate!! These look delicious, and I can't wait to try them! And what a great idea to freeze them! We can never finish the full serving, but get tired of it after several days of leftovers. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Freezing: I freeze things like this in individual servings (like in small ziplock containers or glass canning jars) so that 1. my husband can pop one in the microwave for lunch at any time and 2. it's faster often to thaw one or two small containers than one large, frozen hunk of something. :) Almost anything with a decent amount of liquid (soups, stews, etc.) freezes really well.


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