Friday, November 1, 2013

Fall Festival

I was so happy for Halloween to get here,
and to pass out candy to all of our 9 trick-or-treaters,
but I was even happier to see October leave, and to welcome November.
For one thing, I already have two birthday coupons waiting in my inbox.
And for another, November means holidays with family!
 Before I get too carried away by the holidays though, I want to finish catching up on October.
Last weekend our church had its first Fall Festival in several years.
I'm not sure how many years, but this was the first time they've done it since we have been there.
Michael played a big part in putting the whole thing together, and I am so proud of him for all the work he put in to making it such a great day.
And it was a GREAT DAY!
A huge success!
We had at least 500 people show up during the 3 hour time period, and there were approximately 180 visitor families that came for the fun.
We had 4 inflatables, a kiddie ferris wheel, a petting zoo, a hay ride, a firetruck for the kids to climb inside, lots of carnival games and different booths organized by our church members, and free food for everyone.
^^ Obviously the cotton candy was my favorite
Originally I wanted to run a booth with Michael, but all the good ones were taken,
which turned out to be a good thing since he spent most of the afternoon in the dunk tank.
I forgot to mention we had a dunk tank!
The kids loved the dunk tank!
They had so much fun dunking the youth minister over and over.
Since we didn't have a booth, I signed up to do registration.
It is actually my favorite thing to do because I love to see all the kids so excited to be at a carnival.
I love being the registration girl, it is completely exhausting for me.
No one believes me, but I am 100% an introvert.
I can make myself by extroverted, friendly, outgoing and all those other things required of registration, but it drains the energy right out of me.
So by the end of 3 hours, I could barely move.
And we still had an hour and a half of clean-up.
It was such a wonderful event for our church and for our community that it was completely worth it!
Events like this really show the strengths that Michael brings to ministry.
He is completely in his element, and does the most amazing job!
It is days like this that I am reminded just how blessed we are to be in the exact place that God put us!
In the words of my good friend Renee, God is doing immeasurably more in our lives!

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