Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween is a Habit

Happy Halloween!!
This is one of my favorite holidays, due mostly to the costumes,
but even though it is just now Halloween today, the holiday has already come and gone around here.
As we have the past 2 years, we had Halloween at our weekly Bible Study.
I spent all day Tuesday, some of Monday, and a little of Sunday preparing.
I even added some new treats to the Halloween rotation this year.
^^ Traditional Red Velvet Eyeballs, and Oreo Ghosts
^^Skeleton Bones and Candy Corn Bark
^^Pigs in a blanket Mummies
^^New this year (and my FAVORITE!!) Monster Cookies
I got the recipe here.
They are made with white cake mix, and they are delish.
I might have eaten 6-8 of them yesterday.
Aside from the decorations I showed at the beginning of the month,
I also decorated our "empty room" for the party.
^^ I love this skeleton and witch more than necessary.
They are just so stinkin cute!
^^ Party Prizes and Spiders
Of course, you can't have Halloween without costumes.
*Note to Self: Never, ever get another costume that requires a mask.
This picture doesn't even do the creepiness of Michael's mask justice.
It was pretty bad.
*Another Note to Self: Don't purchase a costume online when you can make it yourself for much less.
The thought didn't even cross my mind to buy overalls at Goodwill, 
and get a yellow swim cap.
Well, it didn't cross my mind until last Friday, and then I was almost embarrassed to wear the costume because I didn't make it myself.
Rough year for the Johns' costumes.
^^Our puppy minion was super cute though!
Lastly, you can't have a Halloween Party without other people.
We played games, gave awards, and told scary stories.
We love these kids so much, and for a few reasons.
1) Almost all of these kids wore their own costumes.
Last year, we gave out about 8 of our costumes.
I love people who love costumes!
 2) All of these kids come to our Bible Study whether there is a party or not.
And that is something wonderful.
Something that I don't like about them: out of all the snacks, they were most excited about Totino's Pizza Rolls.
As much as I love Halloween, I was so ready to take all the decorations down and put them away.
I am one month closer to decorating for CHRISTMAS!!

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