Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lubbock Weekend

Continuing my catch up posts:
Two weekends ago Michael and I took a group of the teens to Lubbock.
We went for a college visit at LCU, but we also got to spend time with some of our recent grads that go to school at Texas Tech. 
We left on Saturday morning and it was a looong drive,
made even longer by listening to the OU loss to Texas, with a Texas fan sitting right behind us.
But we finally got there and had so much fun!
 ^^Yep. These boys bought cap guns on a gas stop.
But also hilarious!
^^Loved getting to catch up with the Cathey girls
And the other college kids who are unfortunately not pictured anywhere.
I was busy talking and forgot to take pictures.
Bad blogger award.
^^LCU Chap Day
I was extremely impressed by the professors and staff at LCU!
We went to an academic fair and they were all so helpful to our students, even if they weren't interested in their department.
Of course, they all thought I was a high school student too.
One even asked me if I had any dual credits coming in to college.
It was a great visit though, and a good opportunity for our kids to be exposed to a Christian University.

^^One of the highlights of the weekend for me was getting to see my friend Kruti!
We were in the same graduate school program, 
but she graduated early to go get her PhD. 
She's so smart. And successful!
It was so fun to spend the evening with her and her fiance catching up and touring Lubbock.

After the Chap Day, it was time to head home.
Since we were driving through Texas, we had to get stopped by some construction.
We were literally stopped.
So stopped that one of our students got out and walked a bit.
It was pretty funny!
It was a 9 hour drive there, and the same back, and I only slept about 45 minutes total.
We had so much fun talking, laughing, and singing to Kidz Bop!
This trip definitely made me realize how blessed we are to have such amazing kids in the youth group!
I will be so sad to see these kids graduate!

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