Saturday, October 5, 2013

October, Baby!

We have lived in this house for almost 2 and a half years, 
and this is the first time I've ever decorated for Halloween.
The first October, we were still learning the church and whether it would offend people to decorate with witches, and the like.
and last year I was sick the entire month so decorations stayed in the closet.
Let's just say I was excited for October 1st to finally get here.
First, I made this little candy corn banner.
You could say I've had a little bit of free time.
All you need for this is scrapbook paper in 3 colors, twine, and mod podge.
It took a little time to figure out how big I wanted to make the triangles, but after that, its just 1st grade basics of tracing and cutting.
So simple. And so cute.
The rest is just a bunch of stuff I've had for a few years.
^^ I decided to change out the pictures for ones of us in costumes.
We love costumes.
^^ Love this little witch
 ^^ I can't tell you how many times this spider has freaked me out.
I love it, but it gets me every time.
There decorations are showing that its fall,
now I just need this 90 degree weather to get out of here!
Happy October!

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