Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday's Five

1) Hair Dresser
A couple weekends ago I got to spend some time with one of my favorites from our old church.
She is the most beautiful girl, and her inside is even better than her outside!
She had asked me to do her hair for homecoming, and I was a little nervous,
but it helped knowing she would look great no matter what.
Here is how it turned out.
I had no idea what I was doing.
But I was pretty pleased with how it turned out,
and she absolutely loved it!
^^ Told you she was a beauty!
I had so much fun doing hair, and catching up with this sweet girl.

2) Happy Pumpkins
As you saw in my decorations post, I love cute Halloween.
I don't like scary,
but the happy pumpkins, witches, and bats are perfect.
It helps that this guy doesn't ever rot too!

3) Fall weather
The weather here has been just perfect this week.
So perfect that Buster has gotten to go on a walk every day.
And one day twice!
On one of the walks with Michael I kept commenting about how blue the sky is!
It screams fall and it is just stunning against the green trees.
So I took this picture while on a walk with Buster.
I could live with this weather for awhile.
Knowing Houston though, we'll be back in the 90s in no time!

4) Days with my boys
Michael and I got to spend all day together today and it was perfect!
We started with a trip to the hospital to pray over one of our teens going in to surgery (all went well and he is at home recovering!)
Then we went to a South African restaurant for lunch.
We bought a Groupon for this place about a month ago and it has been driving Michael crazy that we hadn't used it - so we decided to go.
It was delicious.
Next, the nail salon.
I was way overdue for a mani-pedi, and so happy to get some pretty fall color on my nails!
We ended the day by taking the little Bub out in the car to run some errands.
Nothing is better than spending a day off with my guys!

5) Friday Night Movie
^^ The newest addition to our movie collection
One of my childhood favorites!
*During a part when Ariel when up to the surface Michael became confused and asked, "Does she have gills or lungs??"
I told him Disney does not go into that sort of detail.

Happy Weekend!
Beat Texas!

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