Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Paid in Full

Michael and I recently achieved a milestone in our lives.
I am thrilled to announce that WE NO LONGER HAVE A CAR PAYMENT!
We are so excited and looking forward to putting that money to use somewhere else - like student loans!
When I graduated from college my parents helped me get the car by paying a down payment for me.
 ^^ The car I got when I turned 16, good ole Cavy the Cavalier.
The Honda dealer gave me exactly $250 for it, and that was generous.
^^ When I first got my Honda! Love at first sight!
It has been a long time paying the rest, but I absolutely love my car so it was worth it.
 We even paid it off early.
We got the car in May of 2009, with a 5 year loan, and we paid it off exactly 6 months early.
We feel so blessed to own such a great, and dependable car!
And we are that much closer to being debt free!!

1 comment:

  1. Way to go, you two! We had our first house paid off in my late 30's and it gave us so many opportunities as a result. We haven't had a car payment in 13 years. It's worth the extra discipline! I'm extremely excited about this milestone and very proud for you. It's so very much worth the sacrifices to get out of debt early in your marriage.


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