Thursday, April 19, 2012


Today marks one year since I started this blog.
I started it mainly as a way to keep up with all the blogs that I read,
 but also as a way for family and friends to keep up with us.
It is still all of these things,  
but I also think it has really become more of a scrapbook for me.
 I used to make actual scrapbooks.
Who really has time for that?
I mean, I can barely keep up with this type of scrapbook, 
and it doesn't involve cutting paper and being crafty.

In celebration of the blogiversary,
here are some random facts about the blog.
1) The most viewed post is Making an Impact
 I think this is a fluke.
Or someone who reads my blog regularly saved the link to this page.
I mean, Impact was a great week, but surely not that popular.

2) The second most viewed post is Some More What?
This is probably correct.
It's also a favorite recipe among the teens.

3) The label used the most times is "Life"
That is boring, and covers every post

4) The 2nd most used label is "Family"
and the 3rd is "Youth Group"
I would say those accurately describe the way I spend my time,
and what I find most important to write about and remember.

5) There are 160 posts from the past year.
I would say that is pretty good, all things considered.
I might try to do better this year.

6) If it weren't for this blogs I would forget all about the great times we have had.
Like building a desk here 
 The awkward times on our vacation here
Catching a ball between my legs in the softball game here
Or how many times I painted our chairs here

7) Michael's favorite post is Harry Potter World
and my favorite is a toss up between the Royal Wedding, Kate Middleton

Well, there you have it!
Lots has happened over the past year.
Now that I look back at some of the posts, 
I am really glad that I have kept up with blogging.
Hope you guys are ready... (if not, stop reading)
Here comes another year of the Johns Journey!


  1. Happy Anniversary! I really wish I were still blogging. I love looking back on ours too. Keep it up!

  2. I love it too. Helps me keep up with all that you and Michael are doing, so it doesn't seem you are so far away. My favorites are about family and holidays.


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