Monday, August 29, 2011

Marriage Counseling

Don't get bored yet...this post is not about school!
(Are you bored with my school posts?)
And no, Michael and I did not go to marriage counseling this weekend but I am very pro counseling at any and every stage of your relationship, so don't be nervous/embarrassed...go to counseling!
Okay, MFT plug is done.
Seriously though, this weekend seemed to be pretty full of marriage counseling for us even though we never stepped foot in a therapist's office.
1) Because this weekend was the Family Enrichment Seminar at Jersey Village Church of Christ. Dr. Donnie Hilliard from Faulkner came and spent the weekend teaching us about our marriages and how to lead our families to Heaven. 
He was such a great speaker and I would definitely recommend him to others. 

And 2) The seminar was only in the morning on Saturday, and that afternoon Michael and I created our own opportunity for marriage counseling through a DIY project.
We built a desk.
Actually, we put a desk together. 
Doesn't seem like it would bring about the opportunity for marital therapy, but oh how deceiving it is!

First of all, it was around 107 degrees outside.
So if working together to built something isn't stressful enough, lets add a little heat.
Here we are at step one of the project.
Putting on the legs.
Doesn't he look thrilled??
This little man was such a great help...
This desk was given to me for free from one of the members at Memorial.
It belonged to her daughter and I told her that I was in the market for a corner desk and she happened to have one that they weren't using anymore!
I'll take it!
The only problem is that it was in pieces and didn't come with instructions.
Fortunately, the girl had painted it and so I could kind of tell what went where by the sides of the boards that weren't painted.
That's critical thinking right there.
About halfway through Michael said he wished I would have just bought a new one.
I can't do that though.
The 'Kevin Baird' in me would not allow me to spend money on something that was perfectly fine for free. 
So we pressed on...and we sweated...and we got mad...and just started hammering the screws in...
and we finished it!
Then we realized, "Wow. That's a pretty big desk. Will it fit through our door?"
Then I thought, "Why did I think it was a good idea to build outside anyway?"
The reason I thought it was a good idea is because I didn't think about it.
At all.
Of course putting it together in the room, with air conditioning is a much better idea!
It is only by the grace of God that I can say we got that desk not only through one door...
not only through two doors...
and not only through 3 doors...
We got that bad boy through 3 doors and one door frame!
Take that house hallway that was not well thought out when being built!
So here it is, in the room - Hallelujah! 
It still needs to be painted, but we have gone through enough trouble for one weekend. 
That will just have to wait.

Now is where I need your help.
What color should I paint the desk?
The walls are a light khaki color (can you tell?) and the rest of the room is white, red, and navy (not in a patriotic sort of way though. There are no flags)
At first I thought I would paint it white.
Now I am thinking red.
What do you think??


  1. Twice Colin and I have been on the brink of divorce. Once was moving a TV into our apartment right after we got married. The other was putting together a riding toy for one of our kids. Bearing in mind that my husband has built a queen size bed, a humongous dresser, a crib, a coffee table, an armoire, a large tv stand, multiple china cabinets, various nightstands, and multiple shelving units, that stupid, plastic riding toy was almost the end of us.

  2. Hahaha!! Those kids toys are TOUGH! I know that we will have many more learning experiences once we have kids to buy complicated toys for...I am not ready for that day! Glad we are not the only ones who have these kind of experiences.


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