Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bye Bye Beard-y

Right about now I am relaxing by the beach reading a book in the Riviera Maya.
But I didn't want to leave without letting you guys see these pictures.
Michael decided to shave before going on vacation, so we had a little bit of fun with his beard before it was completely gone.
Unfortunately we forgot to take a before, so this will have to suffice.
Thanks Mom and Dad for the Cracker Barrel!
The beard was getting a little long and grizzly...and he was touching it it was time to say goodbye.

Phase 1: Chops

Phase 2: Ringo Soul Patch  (his name, not mine)

Phase 3: Steve Johns

And now he's back to the Michael we all know and love:
I think we are both regretting the shave a little bit though.
I grew attached to the scruff, so it may be back pretty soon. 
Plus, he just looks so much younger with that pretty, baby face!


  1. the Steve Johns picture...true or false he will look like that in 20 years?

  2. I told you he should keep it! haha.. Fortunately, he's one of those people who can pull off either look. Jonathan just looks funny without facial hair. Mike does look a little young though..

    Also, the Steve Johns is my favorite.. Hilarious!


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