Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Vacation

We are back!
Actually, we have been back since Saturday night, but we have been going and going non-stop since then.
For some reason I always feel like I need a few vacation days after my vacation.
Am I the only one that feels this way?
We had such a great week at the Secrets Silversands resort in the Riviera Maya!
Our days pretty much looked like this:
Sleep in.
Eat Breakfast.
Go to the beach.
Eat lunch.
Go to the pool.
Take a nap.
Go to dinner.
Evening entertainment.
Watch movies.
It was just what we needed. 
Though we didn't seem to do very much all week, a lot of interesting things happened. 
I am going to copy one of the blogs I follow and list all the happenings into "Awkward" and "Awesome".

- Missing our flight to Cancun. Okay, no, that was awful and I almost cried. We were 2 minutes late checking in. Luckily, there was another flight 1.5 hours later. However, since we got the tickets last minute we were at the back of the plane. Which leads to...
- Using the barf bag on the airplane. To make it worse, we landed about 10 seconds after I threw up. I hate flying.
This is at the beginning of the flight
- How fast conversation stops once people find out that Michael is a minister. 
- The lack of clothing on the girls in the evening entertainment. Particularly that they wore thongs. Weird. And probably uncomfortable for them.
Yeah, and that's from the front.
- Swimming in the pool and as we are getting out the resort workers are putting caution tape around it. 
Also awkward is the fact that the guys were cleaning the pool with scrub brushes, not pool vacuums. 
Closed 3 days.
- Being called on stage to assist the magician during the evening entertainment. Don't worry, it gets worse. At the end of my part the guy points to his cheek for a kiss. I say no, and that I'm with my husband, pointing at Michael. What does he do? He says, "Go for it." Are you kidding me? So, I go to give the guy a little peck on the cheek...
- Getting kissed by a sick nasty magician who turned his head when I went for his cheek. 
I. was. mortified.
Also awkward - this picture. The after
 - Tips being included in our travel package, but not really because all the people there still expected them. Awkward because we never gave one. 

- Having my husband all to myself for an entire week!! 
- Having this view for an entire week. I love the beach. Its one of my favorite places on earth. So relaxing.
- Arriving in Cancun and having everything already paid for. The shuttle to the resort and back, all our meals, 24 hour room service, all the Coca Lights and Frescas we could drink. Everything. 
- Having wonderful friends that let me borrow their clothes. You're the best Claire!!
- The American Way/USA entertainment show. Best part - Bootylicious.
I don't think you can handle this!
- The book The Help. I read it during our trip and loved it! Highly recommend it!
- Hibachi dinner at the Asian restaurant! The fried rice was delicious. And its Michael's favorite food ever so that was a bonus!
- Spending the week without phones or internet and being secluded (besides the 200 other guests who were usually drunk/loud/annoying) on this beautiful beach resort.
It was an incredible week! 
I'm so glad that we decided to do this and that we were able to take such a great vacation.
We are so blessed!


  1. So funny! I can't believe you threw up on the plane! Disgusting! Although I also can't believe you missed your flight.. I've never know anyone to do that! Hahaha. I love all of the awkward moments. Too funny! Glad you had plenty of awesome ones too! Love you guys!

  2. We really shouldn't have missed the flight. We got there in plenty of time to check in, go through security, and make it our gate without having to waste 2 hours of our lives in the airport. Unfortunately, the airlines have changed the rules and you have to check in...and have your bag checked at least 1 hour before your flight. We got there 2 minutes late. So lame!


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