Monday, August 1, 2011

Tulsa Times

A couple weekends ago I went to Oklahoma and got see everyone in my family.
This past weekend Michael and I both got to spend time with his family in Tulsa. 
We drove to Tulsa on Thursday.
Went to the hospital to see his grandparents before his grandpa's surgery.
*Last I heard, the surgery went well. He is still recovering in the hospital though.
And spent lots of time with these precious girls.
Ashley loves her Uncle Mike!
Me with little Emmy-Belle
Matt came drove down once he got off work on Friday, so we had the whole family there all day on Friday.
That night we went to the movies and it was so much fun.
The boys went to see Cowboys vs Aliens - which they recommend  - and Krista and I went to see Crazy Stupid Love - which we highly recommend (especially for Ryan Gosling fans like ourselves ;) 
It was so nice to be able to spend time with everyone!
Living so far away from all of our family has really made us cherish the little time that we do get to spend with them. 
Especially our nieces, who are growing up so fast!
My parents came to Tulsa on Saturday since they were going to the wedding that night too (more on that later)
They stayed the night at the Johns' that night so we were all able to go to Park Plaza and have lunch together on Sunday. 
Johns Family
Us with my parents after church
We love these little girls so much!!
We were in town for 4 days, but it always seems to go so fast! 
We are already counting down the days until we get to see everyone again!
Ashley and Emily were not happy to see Buster leave.
He is always the one that is missed the most by our nieces and nephew. 
I guess he's the favorite!


  1. Great pictures! Love the dress.. It looks perfect on you! What does Mike's family think of his facial hair?? Also, where are the wedding pictures? I wanted to see them! Are they a whole separate post? ALSO, Mom looks like she's lost weight!

  2. I love your dress too!

  3. Thank you both!! I just recently got the dress and wasn't sure if I would like it, but its SO comfy!!
    Matt loved his beard! The rest of the family thought it was okay I think...I don't really know.
    Wedding pics coming tomorrow.
    Mom has lost weight!! Plus, I loved her jacket (I know Mom, its a shirt) She looks great!


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