Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Time Flies

I got to spend this past weekend with my family in Oklahoma, and the days went way too fast!
It was such a wonderful weekend, with so many people I love.
I was sad that I had to come home yesterday.
(Stupid summer class)
Here's a little rundown of the weekend:
I got into town around 2 and went straight to Leonardo's (my mom's work)
I had the front desk lady call and tell her that there was a really upset customer who wanted to talk to her coming up in the elevator. 
Her face was great when Buster and I walked out! 
Got her!
Then Buster barked at every little kid in the museum. Perfect.
Next, I went home and called my dad from the driveway.
I told him we had sent a package that was supposed to be delivered and could he go check the front door.
When he came out, Buster and I were standing in the yard.
Got him!
It took him a few seconds to figure out what was going on! haha!

Bailey was in town that night so we all swam, and then went to Pastimes for dinner.
 Then we got some snow cones.

 My first of the summer, by the way.
So sad, I know.

Saturday, we went to Stillwater to get this precious little guy!
And then went to Yukon to celebrate Jonathan's 25th birthday!
 It was a picnic in the park.
In 109 degree heat.
But so worth it, because we love Jonathan!
 But really, it was scorching!
Next it was back to Enid for a wedding reception at my parents' church.

Sunday, we spent the afternoon in the pool!
I have missed that pool.
I wanted to take that pool home with me.
Then we took Oliver back to Stillwater and went to Eskimo Joe's with Ben and Tosha.
(How did I not get any pictures!?)
I had so much fun with this little man!
He is too funny and growing up way too fast!

Monday, I had to leave to come back to Houston, but lucky me, I had a friend to share the drive with me!
Carrie was in Edmond, and was headed to Houston so she rode back with me.
Thank goodness, because I don't know what I would have done without her!
About 1.5 hours into our drive, the car started beeping at us and we realized it was overheating.
Cool. (actually, hot, but you know what I mean)
We still had 6 more hours left in our trip.
We ended up having to let it cool for an hour (thank you to the nice gas station man that let my dog sit inside with us!)
We put some water in the coolant tank, and then had to stop every hour to let it cool back down.
The best part - in order to go farther without overheating, we had to turn the A/C off.
Yep. That's right.
We drove approximately 9 hours, in 100 plus heat, with no A/C.
I don't know why Carrie is still my friend.
But I love her for sticking with me, and making it seem like a super short (but sweaty) car ride.
Sorry, no photos!
I wish! 
We stopped in some REALLY random places between OKC and Houston, and there were some great photo ops!

After all the craziness of this weekend, I somehow managed to do pretty decent on my mid-term today!
God is good!


  1. Poor Jonathan.. His shirt is all wet! Haha.. He looks so skinny in that picture!

    I'm so glad we could see you and that you were able to come to the cookout! Hopefully we can get to Houston before too incredibly long and see Mike too!

  2. Haha! I think his shirt almost looks like it is supposed to be that color. Its kind of like camo!
    I'm glad it worked out for me to come too! Thanks for letting me come to the party and for showing me your apt! I had so much fun!!


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