Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fun Facts and Future Crafts

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend celebrating our nation's independence.
I know I did!
If you know me and Michael at all, you know we dress up for holidays.
The Fourth of July is no exception.
Here is this year's red, white, and blue.

Want to know a fun fact about Michael and I?
We love to stay at home.
Yep, we are that married couple!
It only took us a mere 3 years and we have already mastered this role.
We love to cook and eat dinner at home.
We love to watch movies from our couch.
We love to snuggle our little pup.
We just love to be at home.
So if you're ever wondering what we're up to (yeah right, like you just sit around thinking about us) we are probably at home.
Come on over!
I just thought you would like to know this random fact about us.

That random fact explains why I have no pictures from our date night last week, by the way.
We did go on a date.
We went to the new restaurant in the burbs - Cheddars! 
Not that great if you're wondering.
Then we went to Target.
We go to Target on every date. I think I've told you that before.
Then we came home, and watched a movie.
So, even if there were pictures...they would be lame!
And I would either be holding a new tube of mascara or in my pjs. 
We're doing you a favor, really.

This week I only have to go to class one day!
Which means I will get to spend more time on some crafts that I have been wanting to get to.
Here are some things I have planned for my crafting future:

Enjoy your short week!


  1. I want that Texas and Oklahoma thing too! I have the James Avery charms on my charm bracelet.

    Also, don't fret...I'm Kate obsessed too. LOVE her!

  2. Yeah, I love the Oklahoma/Texas stuff. I'm a little more partial to the OK ones though.;) I'm planning to make my own, but we'll see how that goes!
    Glad to know someone shares my obsession! Hope all is well with you and your sweet family!

  3. Cute Texas & OK pics! I'd be interested in doing those for all the places we've lived...let's see, KY, GA, TX, NM, & SC to represent our family!


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