Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gettin Crafty

While Michael was on Wilderness Trek, Claire saved me from being all alone at our house and came to stay with me for a couple days.
It was so much fun and gave me some much needed girl time.
We shopped.
We watched chick flicks.
We crafted.
Such a great way to spend 2 days!

I wanted to show you all some of the things I made while she was here.
Unfortunately, I got a little wrapped up in Pretty Woman and forgot to take pictures of the crafting process, so all you get is the finished product. 

First, I had seen a tutorial of how to get pretty colored vases on Pinterest, so I decided to try it.
I found a couple cheap vases. 
 Added acrylic paint.
 And voila!
They didn't turn out to be as easy and streak free as I would have hoped.
And it took a lot more paint than what the tutorial said.
But I'm pretty happy with them!

Next, I made some coasters.
We used to have 4 European coasters.
2 have been broken over the years.
So we needed new ones.
These were SO easy and I love them! 
You just need a ceramic tile from Lowe's.
(Or Home Depot...if you so choose)
Cut some scrapbook paper.
Mod Podge it on the tile.
And add some polyurethane to make it water proof.
(Claire made these the next day with her roommate, and my sister made them this week for her apt! 
They're all the rage!)

Lastly, I found 2 little candle sticks and 3 cute round pans at Goodwill the other day and HAD to try this project I found on Pinterest.
So easy.
So cheap. (5 dollars for all the supplies)
So cute!
I just don't know what to put in it yet.
But doesn't it look so cute on my little shelf?
So, there you have it.
That's what I have been up to lately.
Michael so kindly reminded me that I bought "junk" at an estate sale and still haven't done anything with it.
So hopefully I will have some more crafts finished with those soon.
except one measly little paper, but who counts that?
I'm done driving there for 3.7 weeks and that's all that matters. 
And now, a mani-pedi is calling my name!


  1. SO cute! You are so crafty, cousin! :) Great job!! (P.S. I LOVE that blue!!!)

  2. Looks great to me!!! Love them!


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