Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our Week on "the Hill"

We spent all last week at Camp Bandina.
Known by some as "the hill".
Not the be confused with the show, The Hills.
Though we had almost as much drama.
Its church camp! There has to be some kind of drama!
My drama was that I got sick on Wednesday night. :(
I spent all Thursday in bed with a fever.
Woke up on Friday and thought I was fever-free.
Went to all my classes and overdid it again...which brought the fever back on Friday night.
So, Michael made me leave camp around 8:00pm on Friday and brought me home so that I could rest and get rid of that ole sickness.
I was so sad to leave.
I loved my cabin.
I loved that JV had around 60 kids at camp.
I loved that 8 of our kids were baptized.
I loved the 47 baptisms that happened over the week.
I just love Camp Bandina.
And I loved getting to know all the people at our new session.
We had such a wonderful week and felt so welcomed and loved by all the staff members and kids. 
I'm already thinking of ideas for next year and can't wait to go back!
Michael and I on Day 1
Karaoke Night
Counselors singing N'Sync
Down by the river for singing
LOTS of kids down by the river!
Some of the JV Group before baptisms
4 new sisters in Christ!
Praying altogether after some baptisms

We had several from our youth group decide to give their lives to Christ this past week too! 
Here are a few pictures from some of their baptisms.
Pierce baptizing his sister Braeleigh
God was definitely alive and active in the hearts of all the kids at camp this week! 
Praise God for all the baptisms and the changing of hearts.
I can't wait to see how He is going to work in these kids lives the rest of the year.
To Him be the glory and honor!

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