Sunday, April 22, 2012

Anniversarys All Around

The blog-iversary is not the only 1 year celebration that we have had lately.
At the beginning of April, Michael celebrated his 1 year at JV. 
It is hard to believe that it has already been a year. 
It was a pretty big adjustment:
moving to a new church,
meeting all new people,
and the biggest one: Michael having full reigns of the youth group.
He has loved it, of course!
And everyone has loved him, of course!
(I'm a little biased, but I never doubted that they would)
We have been blessed beyond belief by the JV family in our short time here.
 This weekend, we decided to have a date night,
and use a gift card that we were given for our 1 year.
It was to one of the BEST restaurants in Houston - Taste of Texas
Waiting for a table
Michael and half of our HUGE steak
Great dinner, even better guy!
Thank you to everyone that has accepted us, loved us, encouraged us, 
and supported us this past year! 
It has been such a wonderful first year, 
and we are looking forward to many more with our JV family.

*In other news:
I tried out a hair wand this weekend.
One of my good friends let me borrow it and I am in love!
Its super easy to use.
And it lasts so. long.
Even better, Michael is in love!
So I guess I will be buying my own wand soon.

Also, aren't these invitations super cute!!
I'm getting really excited for my Mother-Daughter Tea!


  1. I've never heard of a hair wand! It just curls your hair? Do you think it would curl mine? That's not an easy task.. Haha

    Those invitations are ADORABLE! Did you make them yourself??

  2. Well, I mean, you have to still curl your own hair. Haha! Its like a curling iron, but it doesn't have a clasp, and you just wrap the hair around it.
    Also, yes! I made the invitations!
    I was pretty proud of myself. I did not think they would come out that good!


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