Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Papers and Patios

I'm not doing the photo-a-day challenge anymore,
but that doesn't mean I can't do a post all about my recent pictures.
First, this is a picture I took on my drive home from class last week.
Of course, I love getting out of class early.
But when I get out too early, I have to take the toll road home, 
which means I have to face this
1) I'm scared of bridges
2) I'm scared of heights
This is just bad all around. 
Especially when traffic is stop and go the entire way up.

Michael and I have been having a little competition the past couple months
We were at Target one day where he found 2 polos,
and I found shoes for about the same price.
We decided to keep track to see who gets more value out of their purchases.
 You can see who won that challenge.

Yesterday I had a huge paper due at midnight.
Of course, I waited until Monday to start writing it,
so Buster tried to help me out a little bit.

Also yesterday, Michael picked up our new patio set!
 We found it for a great price on Craigslist,
(of course, we don't really buy furniture new)
and I am in love!
I have already had two meals out there.
 And, I even did some of my paper outside.
Those of you who say "Houston is too hot" have obviously not been here in April.
It is perfect!
However, we are probably going to need an umbrella for it soon.
Happy Wednesday!

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  1. It really does look like Buster is helping you! Haha.. Love the patio set!


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