Tuesday, April 3, 2012


You know its not going to be the best blog post when you spend 7 minutes staring at the title line, 
and still can't come up with anything to put in the little box.
Which is why I'm just saying "hello"
I'm sorry to say it, but that might just be a sign of how April is going to be for me.
It is a month of finishing up my Masters Program's research project, writing lots of papers, interviewing for internship, planning a few parties, and going on the Spring Retreat.
I think that it is going to be a great month though, 
and when it's over I will
A) Be done with school until the Fall!!
B) Only have 1 year of school left!
C) Know where I will be working for the next year during my internship!
- Please keep me in your prayers as I go through the interviewing process.
I know where I want to go for internship,
but I know that God is in control, and I am trying to trust Him with this process.
I wanted to catch you all up on what has been going on lately.
As you can possibly tell: I quit the photo-a-day challenge.
I just didn't like it.
Maybe I'll try again after April is over.
Here are a few of my own pictures though!
- Buster got a haircut!
And he has been so happy to have that shaggy coat gone!
- My student organization painted bowls for a charity auction
Here is my bowl.
And some of us at the service project.
- I got a suit for my interviews
I'm such a professional now.
 (Professionals take pictures in dressing rooms, right??)
- We had a Service Saturday this weekend and we spent the morning passing out flyers for the JV Friends and Family Day
This is the group before.
And after walking all morning, in the heat.
Summer is here in Houston.
That day, we celebrate one of the middle school girl's birthdays, 
and she had the best cake I have ever seen.
Welcome to April, hope you all got fooled yesterday!


  1. The suit looks awesome!!!! I HATE suit shopping, so props to you for finding such a great one!!!

    Goodluck with interviewing!! Growing up is so overrated :) Its a love hate- thinking of how you'll be done with school, but having to go through interviews. BLECK. Cant wait to hear about how things go!

  2. Thank you Kitty!! For the compliment and the good luck! I have to say that I am completely okay with being done with school. I just wish that careers gave me a summer and winter break! Haha!


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