Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Teenage Weekend

This weekend was all about the teens!
Some of you are absolutely terrified by that thought, I'm sure.
I could not be happier about it though.
It was our JV Youth Retreat this weekend, and the focus was on Spiritual Gifts.
We talked about the different parts of the body of Christ,
and why it is important for each part to be working and doing its part.
Then, we took the Spiritual Gifts Assessment,
(thank you Discovering Your Gifts class at OC)
The assessment gives around 25 different gifts, so after the test Michael went through each one, 
explaining the gift, 
and giving an example of someone with this gift in the Bible.
Last, each of the kids came up with a plan for how to use their gift in this year.
It was such a positive, empowering, and encouraging weekend.
This group of kids never ceases to amaze me with their dedication to the Lord, 
and to serving His church.
What a blessing to see them putting their faith into action!
Some of them have already started to use their gifts.
Double Blessing!
And, I even got some homework done while on the retreat.
Triple Blessing!
The Body Parts Game = Mass Chaos
Taking the assessment
Love watching him do his thing!
Sharing their plans with the group
They found a spider...and fed it a moth. Sick.
Such a Diva
Some of the best!
Such a CRAZY group!
 We got back Saturday, and the next day was Sunday Night Live at JV.
I was in the kitchen most the time
(no woman jokes, please)
but there were TONS of teens!
Get to know you games
It was really just the perfect weekend.

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