Friday, April 29, 2011

Highlights According to Me

Yes, I'm one of those people.
Not only did I wake up at 3:30am to watch the Royal Wedding, but I also tweeted the entire way through it.
To all the followers I might have lost - I don't regret it one bit!
And I promise this is my last post about the Royal Wedding.

It was so beautiful.
Every minute of it was wonderful, but I do have my favorites.
Here are some of the best things about the day.

You all knew this one was coming. The Dress! Kate was perfect. Classic. Regal. Timeless. Not too flashy - completely Kate. And look how happy she is!
And did she not look like the perfect combo of Maria and Grace from my last post. LOVE!
The Princes! Those uniforms are working for them!
The hats! Or fascinators, as they are British-ly called. Some look like giant Spiders (middle). Most are just royal and sophisticated though.
(Why were there 3 Heidi Montags at the wedding??)
The Crowd! I mean, wow! That's alot of people.
Biggest Surprise Favorite: The Trees! One announcer said it best, "Why have flowers when you can have trees!"
The girl at the bottom left. She'll never live this photo down! Ha!
It was just like a fairy tale and I hope they really do live "Happily Ever After"
Happy Wedding Day!!


  1. I loved it! Except some of the hats. Like that blue one, the one that looks like it's balancing on the woman's forehead.. I don't understand those at all! The princes did look good! Even Harry, whom I've never found remotely attractive before! I think it was all perfect.. Still can't believe you actually woke up for it though!

  2. Some of the hats are definitely way too ridiculous for me! I like most of the normal ones though. I had to get up early because we don't have cable/DVR anymore, and I didn't want to just watch clips later. I needed the whole experience.


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