Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Dress

In approximately 11 hours, I will be watching, along with billions of others, the wedding of Kate and William.
The Royal Wedding, if you will.
I have been waiting for this for, well, most of my life. And for a good portion of that wait I was convinced that it would be me in the dress that everyone couldn't wait to see.
Well, I got my prince 2.5 years ago, so I guess Kate can have her turn now.

In preparation for the occasion, I have compiled a small list of absolutely stunning wedding dresses of past royals. Not all are royals, though...they just come up on Google when you type it in the search bar!

#1 - Princess DianaYou can't say "royal" and not think of Princess Di. There's no telling how many thousands of girls modeled their wedding dress after hers. The huge, long sleeves; the full, ball gown skirt; and the 25-foot train - It's every princess's dream!

#2 - Maria VonTrappWho doesn't want to be Maria? Cause nobody solves a problem like Maria! But seriously, I wanted to be her from the time I was 3 and saw The Sound of Music for the first time. I even asked my mom while trying on wedding dresses, "Do I look like Maria VonTrapp?" Her dress is simple, but elegant, and extremely breathtaking!

#3 - Jackie KennedyYou can't have a list of classic, beautiful women without including her. Her dress is so timeless. Some might question the design on the dress, but I think its perfect.

#4 - Audrey HepburnThis is for you KK! But really, she is the picture of classic beauty. I have always been a fan of modesty, and she has got it! She is completely covered, but still is so gorgeous. I could live without the crown of roses though...

#5 - Ivanka Trump

She is not a royal (or is she?? I really don't know) But I found this photo and absolutely love her dress. I couldn't find a picture of just her in the dress, but you can tell from this one how beautiful it is. Those sleeves are to die for. If I had a redo wedding (to the same guy, of course!) I would wear a lace dress very similar to this one.

#6 - Grace Kelly
This is probably my favorite of them all. I love everything about this dress. The lace, long sleeves, the ruching in the middle, the buttons down the front, and the not-too-big skirt. Any bride going for a vintage look - this is the dress for you.

#7 - Wait! How did that get in here?

Who are your favorites? I am so excited to see Kate's dress, and I know that she will not disappoint.

Happy Royal Wedding Eve to you all!


  1. love the aud pic! and the bbj pic! both are my favorites.

    well.. and maria. she's climbed every mountain. she knows.

  2. Things that I love about this blog:

    #1 - That you're so excited about the Royal Wedding.. because I thought of you the other day and just KNEW that you probably were

    #2 - All the love that you have for Michael. We absolutely LOVE spending time with the two of you (Jon too, even though he only has like twice) and talk all the time about how we wish we lived closer to you.. I think you guys are just perfect, and I love that you throw little comments in all the time about your love for him! Makes me smile : )

    # 3 - Ivanka Trump's dress... Heyyyy, I haven't had MY wedding yet... Maybe I'll just copy those.

    # 4 - The fact that your picture was at the bottom.. Because I had no doubt that it would be! Hahaha.

    Love you sister!

  3. Aww, thanks Sister! We miss you guys and wish you lived here too! That would be so fun! Please get a dress similar to Ivanka/Grace/Kate's!! And let me where a dress similar to Pippa's because I loved it. Not white though, please.

    Basically your post says - I'm predictable! Awesome!

    Love you!

  4. Brittany! I just discovered that you have a blog!! YAY! I know I'm horrible at updating my own blog, but I will be more than happy to blog-stalk you now! :) I loved this post as well. My 4:00 AM wake up call was DEFINITELY worth it to see the Royal Wedding!


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