Monday, April 25, 2011

What a Weekend

 I love holidays! It doesn't matter what holiday it is, I love them all. (especially if they get me out of school, Michael off of work, and involve gifts!) Even if we don't get to go home and spend time with our families, we have family here to celebrate with, and that is so special to us!

Thursday night involved hanging out with my best friend Carrie and her family! I can't explain how happy I am that her parents moved here, even if its only for 1 year. I'm already excited for July!

Friday night Michael and I went out with Claire and her boyfriend Trey. They have been dating for awhile and Michael has taken on the role of "Relationship Ruin-er" for Claire a few times over the past 2 years, but I am happy to say that Trey survived, as did their relationship. He even got "confirmed"...whatever that means. Our evening involved lots and lots of amazing Italian food, a 99 Cent store, dying eggs, and having a confetti egg war. SO FUN!

We spent all Saturday at the Houston Leadership Training for Christ Conference and got to see many of our new youth kids in their activities.
Then we came home and dyed eggs, again (yeah, yeah, we already did that...I know!)

The finished product
My sweet puppy dying eggs with me!
Eggs with our name on it (literally)
Love Him! 

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