Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Last night Michael and I went out to celebrate our 1,000th day of marriage. He set up the whole thing - counted the days, planned the date, everything. He also picked the title of this post (obviously!) Trust me, it will all make sense soon!

First stop, Massage Envy. Hal-le-lujah! Though it was a wonderful massage and made me feel like Mr. Potato Head (the tortilla version in Toy Story 3) it was quite possibly the weirdest massage of my life. First of all, she kept hitting me. Who likes to be hit? Not me! Second, I asked her not to massage my face (who would want that?) or my head (because hello, I was dressed up for my date!) but she did it anyway. So, I spend the evening with greasy hair and eye makeup on my chin. Cool!

Next we went to Lasagna House, one of our favorites that we had been missing since we moved to our rent house because it was right down the street from our apt. But, we found out that we hadn't really missed it all that much. Its usually a 10, and last night it was a 4. Maybe. Makes it easier to not get to go now.

Next stop, TARGET! What? You don't go to Target on your anniversaries/dates??

Last, we went to Yogurti-Yo for some frozen deliciousness! Yum-O!

Here are a few pictures from the night
Michael also got me a little something shiny, but its not in yet (we're online shoppers) so you will just have to wait to see it. And yes, its worth the wait!

Yep, we've still got it!


  1. Did you really have eye makeup on your chin?? That's hilarious! Also, I love the "Yep, we've still got it!" as if you're fifty years old! Haha. Love you!

  2. Haha! It felt like I did. And yeah, 1,000 days doesn't seem that long, and its not that long, but it seemed like a good caption!

  3. Yay! for 1,000 days! What a milestone...congratulations, darling! I've been married 10 years and I asked my husband how many days that was! =)
    Kristina J.

  4. Good for you two. Celebrate the mail coming every day if you want. Just celebrate. There's no excuse too small to appreciate the gift of being together. -bro boz

  5. Has it really been that long? Can't believe it! Feels like yesterday I was lighting the candles at your beautiful wedding! So blessed to have been a part of the majority of those 1000 days! Love you guys!


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