Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mission Accomplished

I have been working on one project since the day we moved to this house.
It has taken so much of my time, my hand muscles, and my gas money.
However, I am happy to say that I am finally FINISHED!!
Its the first big DIY project that I have completed and I am pretty proud of it!

Our dining room chairs (like almost every other piece of furniture we own) are hand-me-downs.
Michael's mom picked them up at a garage sale or antique store before we were married and gave them to us when we moved to Houston.
They have been screaming for a make-over since we got them - I have just been putting it off.
Confession: we don't really ever sit at our dining table.
Only when we have company.
Or when we are eating something like tomato soup that I am scared will stain our new white couches.
We're bad people - I know.
Since we never used them, it never really bothered me how scratched/dirty/not white/broken they were.
I told myself it made them look "vintage", and I believed myself for a really long time!
Here is a picture of them from 2 years ago.Can you see some of the scuff marks?
Now multiply those by 10 because they went through a youth group move and a rushed move.
They needed some love and attention...and paint.

I was planning on just keeping them white, but giving them a fresh coat of paint, but then I came across this on Pinterestand I couldn't stop thinking about how gorgeous it was!

Our dining room has a white floor, white paneling up to the chair rail, and is then a tan color so I figured white chairs would get a little lost.
Plus, I really liked the color of our rent house kitchen and I thought this would be a good way to tie that in to the new house!
So I went to work.
First I primedThen I paintedThen I panicked because that was NOT the color I was going for at all!
I hated it.
It didn't match anything, and I'm not 14 anymore so it wasn't ever going to match anything.
And that's how it stayed for a few days until I got over my disappointment. Yes, we had 3 different colors of chairs.

After 5 different trips to Lowe's then Wal-mart, then back again, I got some paint chips and found a color that I loved!
So I started painting again.According to some of the blogs I read, it was pretty close to "Spray Paint Season".
Unfortunately, I live in Houston, TX, and we don't have seasons.
We have hot.
We have humid.
And we have hot and humid.
According to Google, ample spray paint weather is a perfect 70 degrees.
I had no chance of that!
The best I can do is about 85-90 when the sun is setting, and that doesn't give me much time to work with, so I painted in the dark.
As you can tell from the above picture - it didn't really work out.
Once I brought the chairs inside I noticed that I had missed quite a few spots.
Plus, I still hadn't gotten myself to re-paint the blue chair.
Tonight though, Michael and I worked together to get them finished!
I even put a coat of gloss on them to make them look more professional.

So here it is - The finished project!I love them!
They turned out exactly the color I wanted!
We might even eat at the table tomorrow!
Now I just need some wall decorations and a centerpiece and some table linens.
Suggestions are welcome and appreciated!

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