Thursday, June 30, 2011

Random Thoughts Thursday

Things have been a little crazy with us lately!
Summer is in full swing and has been keeping both of us really busy. 
That's how its supposed to be though, and its how we like it.
Since I have alot to share, but not enough for a worthy post, I thought I would bring back the Random Thoughts Thursday.

1) I finally started hanging decorations up in our house.
Michael has been begging me to put things on the wall, but for some reason, I just had no motivation.
I think part of it is that my creativity for arranging wall decor has been used up these past few years.
It came back to me on Tuesday though and our house is starting to look like we live in it.
 Here is the living room. Still boring, but at least its something.
 And here is the guest room.

2) Summer School is really cramping my style.
First of all, its at night.
Night is when everything happens.
I can't cook dinner at home.
I can't eat dinner at other people's homes.
Second of all, its summer!
I'll be glad when I get the class finished and out of the way, but I just want to relax and not write papers right now.

3) I am really excited about the next few weeks because so many people are coming to Houston to visit!!
Michael's sister Krista and her family just left today.
They were just going to stop by for lunch on Tuesday, but decided to spend the night, so we got LOTS of sweet niece time!
Next week, Kelsey is coming with her youth group for a mission trip and she is going to stay with me one night.
And the next week, Carrie will be here for a whole week visiting her parents and I will (hopefully) get to spend lots of time with her.

4) This week brought he first overnight youth trip that I have ever had to miss.
Michael had a Prayer Journey on Monday and Tuesday, and because of my summer class (refer to #2) I had to miss it.
Since I was always employed with Memorial while he worked there, I went on everything with him.
If he went, I went.
If he didn't go, I didn't go.
It was a little weird to be the one at home, reading everyone's facebook statuses/check-ins so that I could know what was going on!
I better get used to it though because he is going on Wilderness Trek soon and will be in Colorado for a week without me!

5) Since Michael will be gone for a whole week, I have lots of crafts and DIY stuff planned.
So, look forward to those posts in the next couple of weeks!

6) These built-ins are leaving me baffled.
What do you even do with these things?
I have no idea what to put on them, or how to arrange it.
Tips, suggestions, or comments are well appreciated!

7) Tomorrow is Date Night!!
Or Date Day actually.
Michael and I both have the day off so we are going to the neighborhood pool, to one of the new restaurants in our area, and to Home Goods! 
I am really excited about Home Goods! 
And spending time with my man ALL day!

8) If you live in the Edmond/OKC area, then I've got the dentist for you!
My cousin (well married to my cousin, but I will call him my cousin) Dr. Sam Ward will be opening his very own dental practice THIS FRIDAY!
Call him, make an appointment, and tell your friends!
I wish I lived there, because my teeth are divas and need lots of attention (and fillings).
Congrats to Dr Ward on this huge accomplishment!

Well that's all the thoughts I can think of, and even those were difficult.
I think I need a second cup of coffee.


  1. Woohoo!! Thanks for the shout-out, cousin! :) I wish you lived here too!! Most importantly because then I could see you more, but I'm sure Sam would love to be your dentist as well! :)

  2. Ha! You're teeth really ARE divas! I'm pretty sure that I will be going to Sam at some point.. I figure a trip to Edmond is much easier than a trip to Enid!

    Happy 4th of July weekend, sister! Love you!

  3. Duh! You could put BOOKS on the book shelf. Just an idea, but it works for us!

  4. BTW, Loved the AQ picture and the mention of Leonardo's 4th of July celebration Monday morning. Dad and I will be here of course, then home to smim and cook out. Wish you and Michael could be with us!

  5. Great idea Mom...except that I don't have enough books. And the ones I do have are boring (for most people) Psychology textbooks. And they are currently filling the huge bookcase in our guest room/ my office area.


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