Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Special Deliveries

The past few days have brought some of the best things my way.
On Monday I got my new passport in the mail! 
It wasn't supposed to be here until mid to late July, which was really making me nervous with our trip being so soon after.
But all is well and I got that baby yesterday.
And, I got my old one back too.
Which might have ranked a little higher than the new one on my importance scale.

And tomorrow, these little girls are coming to my house!!!
Words cannot explain how happy Michael and I are!
Josh and Krista are finishing up a quick trip to Sea World in San Antonio and are going to stop by here on their way home!
This is wonderful for many reasons:
1 - We haven't seen them since Christmas!
Way. To. Long.
2 - After their visit, everyone in our immediate families will have been to Houston to visit us since we moved here 2 years ago!
So special!
Its always special when family comes to visit, but even more special when you are 8 plus hours from all of your family! 
3 - We get to love on Ashley and Emily!! I'm so excited to hug those precious girls!

Here are some more pictures of our sweet nieces:

This has just turned into a GREAT week! 
I hope you all are having a great week too!

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