Friday, June 10, 2011

My First DIY

Its been a long day of youth ministry, and its late, so I am going to share a short post on a simply DIY project I recently completed.
Its a picture frame turned dry-erase board!
I found the idea on Pinterest and its originally from this blog.
Its so easy and practical!
I love it!

I started by taking one of our old frames that we weren't really using (we had two frames with this same picture and I'm not sure why...)
I took it apart.
Picked the fabric that I wanted to use. You might recognize it from this post.
And I just hotglued it straight onto the backing of the frame.
(The original post of this idea used scrapbook paper - I just liked my fabric)Next, I spray painted the frame.
I don't love the color.
And I'm aware that it is not the best paint job.
I got lazy on this one.
Its still cute though! Then you just start writing on the glass!!
I used a thin marker in this picture and decided that I need one of the fat ones because it doesn't show up well enough on the fabric.
I love how it brings the colors that I'm going for in the kitchen/breakfast room all together though!

More project posts to come in the future...I just have to finish them first!

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