Friday, June 17, 2011

Daddy's Girl

Since its Father's Day this weekend (and I'm a bad daughter that still hasn't mailed the card!)
I thought I would dedicate this post to my Daddy.
I have always been a Daddy's Girl.
Except when prom dress shopping came around - He just didn't understand! ;)
But really, my Dad has always been there for me.
He has taught me so many important lessons, and has pushed me to do my best in everything.
I love him and am so thankful for him every day!
Here's a few picture of my ole Dad.

I don't know why I have this picture, but it is of my dad, his siblings, and their good family friends, the Herrons...I think
He's the tall one on the left.

Here we are on wedding day.

He drove our U-haul down to Houston when we moved...
and laughed at us as we figured out our new home!

He is so smart - about everything!
He teaches Michael something new every time he visits.
Like how to put Christmas lights up in the most efficient way.He also shared his love of the Sooners with me!

He is completely okay with looking crazy in photos.Not pictured:
- He taught me how to slow-pitch and was my softball coach most of my life.
- He let me believe that he didn't realize what time it was whenever I wasn't home by curfew.
- He was GREAT at scaring every boy I ever dated!
- He was at every single one of my basketball and softball games, track meets (always on the field, cheering for me as I ran past him), cheerleading competitions, and even band competitions.
- He went on long road trips with me to watch dumb football games...
- He allowed me make my own mistakes. (See above)
And most importantly, he showed me how to trust in God during the good times, and the really bad times.

There's about 10 billion more things I could list, but I'll just say...
Happy Father's Day!


  1. This is so sweet! My favorite post of yours thus far, I think.

  2. Mine too, Bailey!!! Thank you little girl...and I love you too! :)


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