Monday, June 13, 2011


I never liked Geography in school.
And by never liked, I mean I hated it.
It could be that I didn't like memorizing capitals of states, or putting them in alphabetical order.
It could be that I didn't know the difference between East and West on a map until the 11th grade (I know it now - Never Eat Shredded Wheat)
It could be that my teacher spent more time talking about "taking little trips" and John Wayne than he did actually talking about geography.
Who knows.
I hated it - end of story.

Then, I went to college and started traveling.
Somewhere in there a light bulb came on and I started to love geography.
I love finding new places, and then finding my way to those places.
I love that I can look at a map and I will be able to find my way - or find a train going my way.
I love it all.
More specifically though, I love maps.

If you've been reading my blog lately, you know that I have been taken captive by Pinterest.
I'm addicted.
Here are some things I have pinned that have to do with geography.

Maps of where you have lived or traveled
Maps as matting with a picture from that cityBeautiful! I don't only love maps. I love globes too! And I would LOVE this collection!Tell me you're not going to go decorate your entire home with maps now.
At least a room?
I know I am!!

Speaking of geography - My summer class starts tomorrow. Yuck! I would rather be ANYWHERE but here!

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  1. I've never been interested in Geography either.. Honestly, globes confuse me and I can't find my way on a map at all.. Perhaps I should travel and that will be the solution. I LOVE these pins though.. Specifically the ones with the hearts.. I almost repinned it, but.. I didn't. Good luck with your summer classes! Sorry that you have to be there!


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