Wednesday, June 8, 2011


The AT&T guys just left.
I'm so thankful for them!
I have only been internet-less for 10 days, but it was killing me!
I don't know what has happened to me.
I used to be the girl that hated the fact that I had to carry a cell phone.
It used to be refreshing to be disconnected from the real world through computer and phone.
Now it stresses me out.
I need Google.
I need to know what is going on via email and text and facebook and twitter.
Mostly though, I just need Google!
There has been approximately 859 things I have had questions about since we have moved in - when to water your lawn, best spray paint conditions, how to decorate built-ins, how to hook up a gas dryer, etc. - and I haven't been able to look any of these things up!
Luckily, I have internet on my phone.
That is all that has saved me.
But I am back.
I am online.
And I am blogging.

Unfortunately, the whole time I was away I lost my touch with blogging (like I ever had it anyway, I know!) and I haven't been taking many pictures of anything.
Here's the update on our lives.

I picked spray paint. Finally. (The one of the right)I cannot tell you how many times I drove to Lowes, then across the freeway to Wal-mart, then back to Lowe's, then home to look at the rug, then back to Wal-mart.
Let me just say alot.
Then I finally got smart and picked up some paint chips.
Here's a tip - Start with the paint chips.
Finished project coming soon!

We got our refrigerator!!I absolutely love it!
We might have questioned our purchase when 2 people responded to Michael's request for a refrigerator in his youth news, but we are happy we went ahead and bought one ourselves.
We just couldn't turn down the Memorial Day sale price!
Funny Story - I almost passed out when they delivered it.
Claire was here with me and the guy said something that sounded like "Doesn't fit"
I was thinking - Umm...what? I measured this myself.
It fits. It has to fit. I waited a week to have a place to store food. It better fit.
He said "doesn't fit" again.
I said, "yes it does"
Long story short - it fits! We just had to take a piece of the flooring out.
It wasn't nailed in though so I think it had been taken out before.

We closed out our Tabor house on Monday.
After cleaning and staining and fixing those hardwood floors I think I can say I never want to have hardwood floors again.
They look glamorous, but they are so hard to keep clean!
If you do have hardwood floors, I have found something you can't live without.Its a fix-it marker for scratches on hardwood floors.
It works miracles.
I was sure our landlord was going to keep our security deposit, but after using this little guy - we will be getting that money back!
I loved it so much I almost colored the entire floor with it, even the stuff that has been there long before us.
Its awesome!
Thank you Steve Sawyer for saving my life with this one little tool!

My Pilot hit the ole hundred thousand mark today.Its a big day.
I'm hoping it has at least 2 more like it though.
I will throw a big celebration if it lasts me to 300,000.
And I will drive it until it dies, because I love it.

And, yesterday we took the youth to the Food Bank yesterday and had so much fun!

What have you been up to lately?

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  1. hah! I love what you said about needing Google. I'm glad I'm not the only one who depends on it for almost any question I have about life. Also, for future references, there's an app for blogging. So, next time you won't have to wait 10 days to inform us on what the best spray conditions are... :)


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